Ruralism in the US Midwest

I have been introduced to a great blog that is bringing to our screens the amazing personal history of the rural midwest. There was even a publication called Missouri Ruralist which is featured. Do look at Prairie Yesteryear.

About Rural idyller

As well as being a father, husband, publisher and food fanatic I also love East Anglia and the countryside. After five years with a large allotment in Hertfordshire I am now lucky enough to have 4 acres of very rural Suffolk countryside. I will blog on how I get this all under control and the produce as it develops. For more on the rural idyll go to and my other blog which focuses on rural life of the past present and future . Updates will take a bit of time- too much gardening to do!
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1 Response to Ruralism in the US Midwest

  1. Wow! We are so honored that you visited and thought enough of our site to highlight us here. Thanks!

    We have several more rural-history-themed articles in the works, but right now spring is coming on faster than we can get the year’s envisioned garden riches planted. . . .

    I was able to find your RuralIdyller companion blog and look forward to catching any of your new adventures.

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